FIAR Kennissessie x Hogerop de R-ladder

On 26 September 2023, FIAR is organizing a Knowledge Session with the central theme of ‘higher up the R-ladder’. More relevant than ever, now that the ministry (and the European Union) is pushing for the increasing useful life of products, with the name of electronic devices. With this increasing pressure, the manufacturer is faced with the challenge of exploring how to develop product repair, refurbishment and second use.

This FIAR Knowledge Session is a working visit to Road2Work in Ede. This separate organization specializes in sorting discarded electronics. It is therefore impressive to see how many appliances are discarded and how many valuable parts can still be extracted from these appliances to extend the useful life of products. Road2Work continues to talk to the chain about how they can improve and innovate in order to achieve increasingly higher objectives.

Erik Schalk, director of Road2Work and Jan Vlak, director of the OPEN Foundation, among others, share their shared experiences about how they give substance to the extended lifespan of products and sustainability. You can register via this link.

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