Circular Economy

Under this theme you will find all publications about the 'circular economy'. This is an economic system in which the value of products and raw materials is preserved for as long as possible.

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Policy and objectives

Here you can find all publications about policy and objectives for a circular economy. These are mainly publications from national and international governing bodies.

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Producer responsibility

Producer responsibility is central to the publications under this theme. These publications are about the role that producers play in managing their waste responsibly.

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Life extension

Life extension plays an important role in the publications you will find under this theme. Life extension refers to actively extending the life of products and raw materials.

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Consumer behavior

The publications under this theme take a close look at consumer behaviour. This theme includes how consumers deal with their (waste) electrical and electronic equipment within the context of a circular economy.

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The publications under this theme are about recycling. Recycling is the reuse of materials and is therefore an indispensable subject within circular knowledge.

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This theme concerns the publications that deal with the collection of waste electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) or, e-waste. To promote a circular economy, collecting waste is the first step.

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Under this theme you will find all publications in which batteries play a relevant role. Batteries are a power source for many electrical and electronic devices. That is why batteries are an important theme within e-waste.

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All publications about safety in e-waste processing can be found under this theme. Processing e-waste can be dangerous because of the risk of fire and the presence of substances of very high concern.

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