Knowledge Center Submission Criteria

The Circular Knowledge knowledge center was established to make a transparent contribution to improving the (circular) knowledge level regarding e-waste, batteries and a more circular economy. As a result, we are constantly looking for publications that can contribute to this.

We collect these publications, among other things, by posting publications of (international) reports, submissions from external parties including our Knowledge Partners and by mapping knowledge gaps. We have drawn up submission criteria to ensure that the publications to be published comply with the values and vision of the Knowledge Center for Circular Knowledge.

All publications are tested against these criteria, after which a well-considered decision is made about the placement. The criteria may be revised from time to time. The applicable criteria can always be found on this page.

The submission criteria

The Knowledge Center applies the following criteria:

  1. Publications must not be out of date. This means that they apply to the current relevant situation or to possible future relevant situations for (the circularity of) e-waste.
  2. Publications have social and/or scientific relevance with regard to the dossier on (the circularity of) e-waste and/or batteries and do not only serve the interests of one or more (legal) persons.
  3. Publications do not contain parts that have or appear to have promotional or advertising purposes.
  4. Publications can be tested, measured or verified as much as possible because they are substantiated with (statistical) data and/or (scientific) facts.
  5. Publications must be sufficiently objective and not based solely or mainly on opinions.
  6. Publications must be the property of the (legal) person who submits the document or must be made publicly available to the Knowledge Center free of charge and royalty-free.
  7. Publications must be free of plagiarism. The Knowledge Center is not responsible for checking for plagiarism. Any damage suffered by the Knowledge Center or Stichting OPEN as a result of plagiarism in a publication on our platform will be recovered from the contributor of the publication.

Subject to the above, the Knowledge Center reserves the right at all times to refrain from posting a publication and to remove the publication from our website, even if it meets all the submission criteria.

Any damage suffered by the Knowledge Centre, Stichting OPEN as a result of acting contrary to the entry criteria will be recovered from the party that submitted the entry criteria. All this in accordance with our disclaimer.

Method of submission

If you have a publication that meets the above criteria and you want it posted on our platform, you can submit it here.

The form must be completed completely and truthfully. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.


Questions about these submission criteria, submitting a publication or the way in which the Knowledge Center handles your submission? Please contact us at

Requests for removal of a publication can be submitted by the contributor and/or the owner of a publication via the email address shown above.

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