Guidelines on the scope of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation includes a number of articles that apply from 15 August 2018. This guideline is a tool to determine which electrical and electronic equipment falls under the regulation from this date, when placed on the market in the Netherlands.

What is changing?

  • The category classification of electrical and electronic equipment is changing: before 15 August 2018 there were 10 categories, and after this date there are 6.
  • Some equipment is no longer classified by type, but by size. The starting point is that all electrical and electronic equipment can be placed under one of the 6 categories.
  • Finally, from this date there will be more exceptions. The result is that more products generally fall under the regulations.

Whether your product falls under the regulation from 15 August 2018 depends on the answer to the following questions, which are further explained in the document:

  • Does it fall under the definition of electrical and electronic equipment in the regulation?
  • Is the product an appliance or a component?
  • Is there an exception applicable to the product?

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