Progress Report Circular Economy 2022

This progress report builds on the conclusions drawn by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) in January 2021 in the Integral Circular Economy Report 2021 (ICER 2021). This progress report tracks the status of several indicators from the monitoring framework used. In addition, this progress report further discusses the role that a circular economy can play in tackling the various challenges in the living environment.

At the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, PBL will publish a progress report in the year in which no ICER is published. Monitoring the indicators shows that the relative size of circular business activities in terms of added value and employment remains the same. The share of tax and subsidy schemes that goes to circular initiatives also remains the same. Most projects that are subsidized within these schemes are concerned with recycling. A slight shift towards higher circularity strategies, such as rethink and reuse, can be seen in the actions in the Circular Economy Implementation Program.

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Keywords: Policy

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