Decree on extended producer responsibility regulations 2020

It follows from the extended producer responsibility regulation that the producer is fully or partially responsible for financing or organizing the management of the waste phase of the product and achieving the objectives included in the regulation. In addition, the producer must comply with the requirements that follow from this decision.

The producer ensures appropriate availability of a collection system for the products in the waste phase to which the producer responsibility applies. Requirements for the collection system are that it is not limited to areas where collection is most cost-efficient. The system must also enable the waste holder to return products free of charge after the use phase and the collection system must be available throughout the year. The waste holder must always be able to return the product. Intake cannot be stopped once the objectives have been achieved.

The producer informs waste holders of the products that he places on the market and to which the extended producer responsibility applies, about waste prevention measures, the collection system, facilities for reuse or recovery and the prevention of litter.

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