Circular Cities Declaration Report 2024

Insights on implementation, measurement, and nature

The Circular Cities Declaration (CCD) was established four years ago: to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in European cities. Bringing together a group of leading organisations and a growing number of city signatories — more than 80 today — the CCD creates connections, shares best practices, and showcases the pioneering role of cities to create a system that can work long-term for the economy, society, and the environment.

This second progress report indicates that cities are taking ownership of a circular transition and, as a result, are reducing emissions, regenerating nature, and fostering greater resilience within communities. This report builds on data collected from cities and towns of different sizes across Europe, totalling over 54 CCD signatories and encompassing more than 16 million inhabitants

There are also city examples in the area of ​​e-waste, such as Porto’s ReBOOT project, repair initiatives in Bruges and Newham’s free home collection service.

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