6 research articles in 'Recycling'

The socioeconomic gap in e-waste

This research focuses on the socioeconomic factors influencing the amount of e-waste in 27 European Union countries between.

Evaluation return premium refrigerating and freezing equipment

This report includes the principles, achieved results, conclusions, and recommendations of refrigerating and freezing equipment return premium initiative by Stichting OPEN.

Sustainable metal recovery from e-waste

In this review, effects of e-waste, its composition and various methods available for treating e-waste and heavy metal leaching have been reviewed.

Limited collection and recycling problems in Europe

A comparison of different causes for the limited collection and recycling problems of e-waste in Europe

Brominated flame retardants in the WEEE circular economy

The impact of brominated flame retardants on the circular processing of plastic waste from e-waste

Costs of raw material extraction from WEEE

How thermodynamic rarity can provide new insights into raw material extraction from discarded electronics

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