Transition Plan for Electrical Household Appliances

To achieve the goal of a fully circular economy by 2050, five priority sectors have been defined: Biomass and Food, Plastics, Manufacturing, Construction, and Consumer Goods. A transition agenda has been established for these sectors. The transition agenda for Consumer Goods also includes electrical household appliances, the focus of this transition plan.

This transition plan has set four concrete goals:

  1. Develop a concrete plan based on various themes to achieve a fully circular industry for electrical household appliances.
  2. Define concrete actions for each theme.
  3. Form a collaboration within the industry to collectively address specific challenges.
  4. Provide advice on shaping the collaboration within the industry.

The transition to a circular economy is a systemic change that impacts all aspects of the economy. The greatest challenge to accelerate the transition to a circular industry for electrical household appliances in the Netherlands is the current structure of the sector. Therefore, this transition plan considers the entire chain. Only then can circularity be achieved on all necessary fronts.

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