Circular economy

12 research articles in 'Circular economy'

Circular production of laptops and telephones

How the transition to a circular chain for everyday products such as laptops and telephones in the Netherlands currently stands

Transition to a circular car battery chain

An evaluation of the progress of the transition to a circular economy focused on the 'car batteries' within the mobility sector

Transition paths for Extended Producer Responsibility

The main strengths and limitations of how Extended Producer Responsibility (UPV) is organized in the Netherlands

PV in Mobility: Solar powered cars

Research into future possibilities for solar energy transport and mobility.

The potential of solar electric cooking in sub-Saharan Africa

A new cooker called pressurized solar electric cooker (PSEC) may soon enable solar cooking in Africa

The producer’s perspective on e-waste management

Insights into the barriers and factors that hinder or facilitate producers in managing their electronic waste

Sustainable Electronics with Liquid Metal Printing

Liquid Metal Printed Electronics (LMPE) may be the future of electronics with flexible, sustainable and innovative solutions for the industry

Breakthrough in Recyclable Electronics: Water Soluble Printed Circuit Boards

Breakthrough in sustainable electronics through discovery of water-soluble PCB

Circular economy strategies as enablers for solar PV adoption

Circular strategies and business models for solar panels can promote sustainable investments and reduce the looming waste problem

Battery 2030: Resilient, sustainable, and circular

The demand for batteries is growing, and with it the need for better solutions in the value chain

Attitude and sentiment of the Dutch towards e-waste

Research into how familiar the Dutch are with e-waste, how they deal with it and why

Slow transition to a circular economy in the EU

De Europese Rekenkamer schrijft in dit rapport dat EU-maatregelen voor een circulaire economie niet doeltreffend genoeg zijn geweest omdat EU-financiering vooral is gebruikt voor afvalbeheer

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